Learning a new language takes a lot of focus and effort. And those who take the time to travel and study a new language through immersion classes want to know that they’re getting what they pay for. So how do you decide where to take Spanish language classes in Mexico if you’re traveling there for the first time and you’ve never had any prior experience with the language? Our advice is to do some research and contact each Spanish language school that interests you to find one that seems friendly and organized.

Each language school in Mexico is different. Most of them have a special focus of some kind that sets them apart from other language schools. One of the cities that’s most famous for its Spanish language sche tools is Guanajuato, Mexico. Guanajuato is a well-known Spanish-language-learning mecca because most of the tourists who go there are Mexican and there are few expats who want to make a mountainous walkable city like this home. Guanajuato is not laid out in a way that makes car-travel easy, so most expats end up living in San Miguel de Allende. What this means is that the locals have no reason to learn English! And that’s good news for Spanish speakers who want to learn a new language through immersion!

In Guanajuato, there are a number of different Spanish language schools to choose from and each one targets different groups of people. Several, including Escuela Falcon language school and Adelita language school target expats as their primary focus. Escuela Falcon also caters to older short-term tourists who wish to socialize while they’re on vacation. 

Don Quixote is finally defunct now, after years of struggling, but La Hacienda Language School  and Plateros are both still strong choices for travelers who wish to study Spanish short term on their way from here to there.

At the Devela Language School, we have a different focus because we offer classes on a variety of topics in various languages throughout the year. We provide Spanish language instruction to worldschooling families and digital nomads. As digital nomads ourselves, we know what perpetual travelers are looking for when they dock in for a period of time in a new place. Both digital nomads and worldschool families hope to cross paths with other perpetual, nomadic travelers. A language school for digital nomads is not only a place to learn how to communicate in Latin America using Spanish, but in other countries of the world too! It could be a place to linguistically prepare for future travel to Asia or Africa, Europe, or the Middle East while enjoying a Spanish language immersion experience in a place where locals appreciate the student’s efforts to learn! The brick-and-mortar location of a digital nomad language school would ideally be a place that had great Internet, a printer, copier, scanner, and other tools that both digital nomads and worldschoolers need. At Devela Language School, we provide digital nomads and worldschool families with social opportunities and the tools they need to enjoy Mexico to the fullest!

If you’re not a digital nomad and you don’t worldschool your kids, but you’re looking for a Spanish language school in Guanajuato, Mexico, Devela Language School may be a great option for you nonetheless if you have kids or if you’re young and you’d like to meet other travelers your own age. A lot of traveling homeschoolers visit Devela so the kids can meet and interact with kids their own age who also travel. 

Digital nomads are always looking for ways to meet with other digital nomads while they’re on the road. Coworking spaces have sprouted up all over the world to try to satisfy this need for socialization even while working remotely. At this time, we don’t officially offer coworking in Guanajuato, but we do offer some of the resources that coworking spaces provide to nomadic travelers. In the future, we hope to add a coworking space to our facility, but for now, we simply provide social opportunities, tech-tools like printers, scanners, and that sort of thing along with classes that specifically address the linguistic needs of frequent/ongoing travelers. 

At the Devela Language School, we also offer some pretty intense volunteer activities that our students can get involved in to help the local community near our headquarters. We know what it’s like to travel perpetually, so we’ve created some amazing opportunities for digital nomads and worldschool families (as well as other travelers) to do while they’re with us here in Guanajuato!

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