Learning a new language is like opening up new dimensions of reality. Anyone who travels perpetually knows that you can only see so many tourist sites before apathy sets in. But language adds another layer to the travel-experience. Speaking to people in a different tongue creates a new paradigm in terms of how you relate to others. So, if you want to make the most of Mexico, learning a language is a great way to amp up the experience.

Language schools have a lot to offer worldschooling families and digital nomads. Our family started traveling compulsively and for long time periods back in the late 90’s and after our daughter was born, it didn’t take long for us to tune into the fact that language schools were a hub of activity where locals and travelers intersected. The social mix of locals and travelers (and often expats) was a nice experience after months on the road. But it was hard to find schools that would accept our daughter, even when she was in her later teens! And digital nomads who are hoping to meet other digital nomads through a language school might be disappointed to find mostly expats or short-term travelers when they sign up at some language schools. Which is why we created the Devela Language School!

Devela is a hub where single, group, and family travelers who move around nomadically or semi-nomadically can meet up casually. Our language classes are geared toward digital nomads and worldschool families and we also offer workshops and special events in English to enhance the remote work opportunities of people who are always trying to network socially and learn new skills in order to increase their profit potential.

Digital nomads and worldschooling families who would like to meet new people, learn new things, immerse themselves in the local culture are welcome to join us. We offer volunteer opportunities in meaningful projects during certain seasons of the year. Sign up for classes at Devela Language School in Guanajuato, Mexico today. Space is limited!  

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